Paul Egli

Canadian Author

About The Author

Paul Egli – Creating Mind-boggling Stories of Crime and Suspense

Paul Egli’s storytelling has garnered him a dedicated following of readers eager to embark on exhilarating journeys through the pages of his books. With a deep passion for literature and reading, Egli’s wide-ranging interests encompass various genres, but he truly shines in the realm of suspense thrillers.

Among the literary giants who have inspired him, Egli counts John D MacDonald as a master from the past and Lee Child as a contemporary luminary. His love for the genre shines through in his writing, where he combines traditional suspense with a contemporary flair that rivets readers.

Paul Egli has the amazing power to transport readers to thrilling worlds of mystery and intrigue.

His second full-length novel, “DAD,” is also on the way!