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Paul Egli – Creating Mind-boggling Stories of Crime and Suspense

Paul Egli’s storytelling has garnered him a dedicated following of readers eager to embark on exhilarating journeys through the pages of his books. With a deep passion for literature and reading, Egli’s wide-ranging interests encompass various genres, but he truly shines in the realm of suspense thrillers.

Among the literary giants who have inspired him, Egli counts John D MacDonald as a master from the past and Lee Child as a contemporary luminary. His love for the genre shines through in his writing, where he combines traditional suspense with a contemporary flair that rivets readers.

Paul Egli has the amazing power to transport readers to thrilling worlds of mystery and intrigue.

His second full-length novel, “DAD,” is also on the way!

Paul's Message to My Readers

This novel “Propofol” is my first published book but I have written a few others that never saw the light of day. I wrote my first book about Key West Florida when I was supposed to be working as an accountant in a new job. If my boss had ever found out I was writing a book on company time I probably would have been fired! It was never published.

My second never published book was about a space detective and it had a scene in it that in many respects resembled a scene in Michael Crichton’s fantastic novel Jurassic Park except that I wrote it before his great book came out.

I thought if Michael Crichton and myself are even remotely on the same page I had better keep on writing.

My third novel was about a subject that I care deeply about as do a great many people in my generation. John Kennedy’s assassination.

For me JFK’s assassination was the watershed event of my generation. The plot of the novel takes place at the same time as the shooting in Dallas and the characters in a fictional way interacted with the events of that day. My typed draft (written before word processing) is in my basement in a three ring binder and someday I hope i can revisit that subject.

The main message that I wanted to express to my readers is the hope that you find my novels to be entertaining and heart warming and possibly thought inspiring.

I hope that my novels give you a few moments of respite and relaxation and entertainment after the difficulties and stress that we all experience every day.

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